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Projecting Banners

An ideal solution for attaching your banner graphics to any solid wall


    Attract the attention of your community and visitors with our superb range of hanging banners. Our design solutions provide a cost-effective, high-visibility tool to help promote and re-enforce your school brand, motto and values.

    Our banner systems come in a range of styles and types, from wall-mounted pole banners to banner frames. For interior and external use, both options offer a sturdy visual solution. Use them all over your school including gyms, reception areas, school halls and on the side of your school building.

    Projecting banners are made using high grade 740gsm PVC, a great material for double-sided designs and ideal for outdoor use.

    We offer three types of delivery for large format graphics: Free delivery, Express DPD overnight delivery and Dedicated Same Day large van delivery. On ordering and estimating, we will discuss these options with you.

    All Projecting Banners are custom made
    Prices are quoted per job

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    Please call the team on 0203 968 7628
    or send an email to artwork@cpreducation.co.uk