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Bespoke Foamex Graphics

A cost effective way to Install a graphics at your school


    When your schools indoor displays requires something with a little more presence, bespoke foamex graphic printing is a great way forward.

    This lightweight and durable material is versatile so you can create a wealth of fun displays for your school like door signs, values characters or house logos, all of which can be easily installed with adhesive or strong double sided tape. Our bespoke foamex graphics can be used indoor and outdoor and supplied with rounded corners, square edges or cut to shape with an anti-graffiti seal to the front for added protection.

    Please Note:

    • Foamex comes in either 3mm, 5mm or 10mm
    • As with any foam-based products, please be aware of possible expansion in heated conditions and direct sunlight
    • If there is no room for expansion (if it is within a frame) this can cause the product to warp
    • Standard product tolerance is expansion of up to 5mm per linear metre

    We offer three types of delivery for large format graphics: Free delivery, Express DPD overnight delivery and Dedicated Same Day large van delivery. On ordering and estimating, we will discuss these options with you.

    All Bespoke Foamex Graphics are custom made and prices are quoted per job

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    If you need more information or perhaps you have unanswered questions

    Please call the team on 0203 968 7628 or send an email to artwork@cpreducation.co.uk