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Wall Wrap Vinyl with Top Seal to Finish

The perfect product to create striking graphics that will communicate your school values and vision

    Wall wrap vinyl is a fantastic product to inject impact in classrooms and corridors around your school. Large format inspirational quotes, school values and visions can all be created from this range of specially manufactured self adhesive vinyls, with the flexibility and high tack adhesive power that allows it to adhere to difficult flat surfaces, including walls and smooth surfaces painted with latex.

    Material Overview

    • Certification of fire resistance according to European standards
    • Excellent UV Properties and 100% Waterproof
    • Can be sealed with Anti-Graffiti film for extended durability
    • High Level Indoor durability of upto 4 - 7 years.
    • High Level Outdoor durability of upto 4 - 5 years.

    Uses for Wall Wrap Vinyl

    • Gym Facade wraps
    • Learning Resouces - Dry wipe Wall Wraps
    • High Level Wall Cut Lettering wraps
    • Canteen values Cut Lettering Wraps
    • Stairwell wraps
    • Interior above looker wraps
    • Locker wraps
    • Reception area wraps

    Not every wall or school is the same so rest assured, we will work with you to understand your needs and school environment in order to offer the right solution and material for the job.

    There are a number of finishes that you can choose for this product. See the left-hand list for the available options.

    We offer three types of delivery for large format graphics: Free delivery, Express DPD overnight delivery and Dedicated Same Day large van delivery. On ordering and estimating, we will discuss these options with you.

    Got any questions?

    If you need more information or perhaps you have unanswered questions

    Please call the team on 0203 968 7628
    or send an email to team@cpreducation.co.uk