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Security Block Out Vinyl

Temporarily transform your school with vivid window graphics that promote your school values

    Catch the eye of passersby with this high impact, security block out window graphics. Transform a school entrance with vivid window graphics that promote important information such as your school values, directional messages, seasonal news, exam results or Ofsted results. In this range of SAV we can also supply solar and safety films to reduce heat, glare and add UV protection to everything behind the glass.

    Uses for Security Block Out Vinyl

    • External blockout directional graphics
    • Heat reduction behind the glass
    • Adverts your exam result messages
    • Six months - 4 year vinyl usage

    Not every school is the same so rest assured, we will work with you to understand your needs and school environment in order to offer the right solution and material for the job.

    We offer three types of delivery for large format graphics: Free delivery, Express DPD overnight delivery and Dedicated Same Day large van delivery. On ordering and estimating, we will discuss these options with you.

    Got any questions?

    If you need more information or perhaps you have unanswered questions

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